is the fifth largest planet from Deneb. It is an iron planet, as it has an outer layer of hydrogen, helium, uranium, nitrogen and iron. Beneath this layer lies a thick mantle of solid aluminum and a small core of semi-solid copper.

Planetary rings[edit | edit source]

J1407b has a faint planetary ring system of carbon and cobalt. The rings have a peculiar "strong" structure, the cause of which is not currently understood but which may be due to the gravitational interaction with small moons in orbit near them

Natural satellites Edit[edit | edit source]

J1407b has a large number of moons. The precise figure is uncertain, as the orbiting chunks of cobalt in J1407b's rings are all technically moons, and it is difficult to draw a distinction between a large ring particle and a tiny moon. As of 2007, a total of 67 individual moons have been identified, plus 17 unconfirmed moons that could be small dust clumps in the rings. Many of the moons are very small: out of 67, 31 are less than 10 km in diameter, and another 13 less than 50 km. Only seven of them are massive enough to have collapsed into spheroids under their own gravitation. J1407b's most noteworthy moon is Mirus, the only moon in the Deneb's planetary system to have a dense atmosphere..

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