Darwin 4 is an imaginary planet visited by Earth probes Ike and Leo in the 94-minute long special Alien Planet. The planet is home to many strange and unusual forms of life, including Arrowtongue, Grovebacks and the sapient Eosapian.

Features[edit | edit source]

Darwin 4 is a low-gravity world, and it is the fourth planet in its system, Darwin, named after Charles Darwin the creator of the evolution theory. Darwin 4 orbits twin suns, which have over the eons evaporated the planets oceans, thickening its atmosphere. The last remaining sea was locked in the Amoebic Sea , taking up 5% of the surface area of Darwin 4, looking like a giant purple splotch from orbit. The planet is otherwise a rusty red desert world with plenty of mountains,mesas and valleys.Darwin 4 has small forests scattered about, with spiky trees and other vegitation. Darwin 4 also has at least two moons, possibly being captured asteroids, implying that there could be an asteroid belt in the Darwin system.

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